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It’s the journey-not the destination…

OK. The class on Renting to Own… sounded a bit intriguing. Do those programs really work? Aren’t they all scams of one kind or another? But as I sat down to think through, and plan   out my route, I started to get curious and excited. Not necessarily in that order.

What would you imagine would be the best bike route  from South Minneapolis to Eagan? Read on and find out …

For every other realtor in town except me, this normally wouldn’t consume more than 3 minutes of brain processing time. Get in the car, turn on the GPS, and presto -here’s your route. Color coded no less.  Never mind that everything  outside the window is a blur, and hydrocarbons are coming out the tailpipe, it’s time for my car to take me to my destination without delay!

But for the Bike Realtor, it’s a completely different story. Eagan is about 11 miles from the world headquarters of the Bike Realtor.  And there’s a body of water that needs to be navigated-though I can take the bridges too-just have to know where they start and end!

A map of Ft Snelling


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